Rob Erekson


I'm a mid-30's husband and father residing in Las Vegas, NV. I'm a UX / Front-End Engineer with over 19 years of experience in PHP full-stack development (I ♥ LAMP), front-end development, UX, and web design. I love intuitive simplicity and perfecting the small details in my own work and find inspiration in the design and engineering of things all around me.

I love trail running and am a Race Director for and Co-Owner of Desert Dash, putting on six trail races a year in the Las Vegas valley. I've drank all the available Kool-Aid™ and love to CrossFit competitively. I enjoy quiet times with books and have a leather-bound book collection that I am quite fond of. I have a wife and two children that are my world and am a proud Mormon.

Professional Experience

UX / Frontend Engineer | December 2014 – April 2015

Completed a short-term contract to help rapidly develop and launch new product. Worked with remote team to deliver powerful and fast interfaces based on abstract designs and ideas provided by product visionaries.

  • Worked with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript / jQuery, Bootstrap
  • Created drag-and-drop interactions utilizing native browser DnD libraries
  • Developed in-browser photo editor with non-destructive rotation and cropping functionality
  • Wrote complex algorithm for positioning individual family members in a larger family tree view
Active Network
UX / Frontend Engineer | June 2012 – December 2014

Took direction from Product Manager and worked with UX / Frontend Team in agile environment (Scrum) to take projects from conceptual ideas through UX and Frontend Engineering stages and into fully functional interfaces sent to the backend team for further development.

  • Worked with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript / jQuery, JSON API, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Express, and Knockout
  • Introduced reusable OOP Javascript components, replacing procedural components previously used
  • Designed and built responsive templates for forward-facing website using Bootstrap and Ruby and Rails; led effort to convert existing pages to fully responsive
  • Created presentation layer using Node.js and Express to interact with a .NET business layer via a JSON-based RESTful API using Knockout for data-binding
Connection Power / Active Network
Software Engineer | September 2008 – June 2012

Coordinated with a team of remote subcontracted developers as the lone in-house developer on large-scale SaaS application. Assumed role as project lead and overhauled development and testing procedures.

  • Worked with PHP, MySQL, XHTML / HTML 5, Javascript (Prototype and jQuery), CSS2 / CSS3, and Ajax.
  • Transitioned codebase from procedural processes based on PHP 4 to a modern OOP framework utilizing PHP 5, integrating the newer framework to play nicely with the legacy codebase
  • Developed full exception handling and reporting system, system downtime notices
  • Updated designs from table-based HTML4 layouts to standards-compliant XHTML 1.1 / CSS3 layouts and introduced Ajax-based interfaces to improve user experience with using the application
  • Worked with another developer to design and build custom reporting engine that builds SQL statements on the fly based on filters created by the user
  • Created procedures for using separate development, testing, and production environments; defined processes for moving projects through the development and QA stages; moved code into SVN repository and created production deployment methods
Spyraled Media
Web Development / Owner | May 2006 – September 2008

Self-owned company specializing in backend administration systems and order management systems using Ajax to create fast, easy-to-use interfaces.

  • Worked with PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript (Prototype and Scriptaculous), CSS, and Ajax
  • Developed OOP-based PHP framework to increase development speed and efficiency
  • Also offered graphic design, web design, photography, and video production services
Consolidated Merchant Solutions
PHP Developer / Interface Design | May 2005 – May 2006

Contracted to work with developers of a standalone Windows application written in C to assist in porting the application over to SaaS platform using PHP, PostreSQL, XML, Javascript, CSS, and Ajax.

  • Worked with PHP, PostreSQL, XML, Javascript (Prototype), CSS, and Ajax
  • Designed user interface of application, including custom PHP objects used to build UI elements to increase speed and consistency of development
  • Worked with database team to create an XML-based RESTful API to exchange data between the application and data layers
Property Line International
Creative Manager / PHP Developer | March 2002 – May 2005

Hired as Graphics Assistant and ascended to Creative Manager. Responsible for the company's entire corporate image including both printed materials and online identity. Functioned as part of the development team in LAMP environment. Also assisted with basic sysadmin and server configuration and maintenance.

  • Worked with PHP, MySQL, XML, Javascript, and CSS
  • Transformed company image from small “Mom and Pop” operation to corporate and professional
  • Designed and developed interactive interface for creating email brochures for commercial properties, providing a large volume of income for the company
  • Developed procedures for quality assurance and project management to increase productivity and quality of work

Personal Projects

Desert Dash
Race Director / Co-Owner / Web Ninja | January 2013 – Current

Oversee company direction and plan all logistics for trail races — consisting of acquiring permitting, course design, and race-day operations. Develop and manage marketing plan including social media, printed collateral, and company website.

  • Purchased company in January 2013 and quickly overhauled entire company image and customer experience
  • Designed and developed company website with dynamic calendaring, custom reporting, integration with registration system, and Shopify storefront
  • Responsible for design and purchasing of all race day materials for race participants, including participant tech tees, custom finisher's medals, swag bags, and other materials and awards
Founder & Site Administrator | December 2000 – July 2006

Created website and forum for Hyundai enthusiasts and grew it to be the largest, most popular website of its kind during my ownership, peaking around 35,000 members and 30,000 daily page views.

  • Developed custom forum software complete with user registration, posting, searching, moderation, reporting and self-policing functionality
  • Created custom storefront with full administrative and reporting backend and Americart integration for payment services


Languages & Skills
  • Javascript / jQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS, DOM, LESS, Bootstrap, Knockout.js
  • PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Express
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
  • Responsive Design, Progressive Enhancement, Agile Software Development
Operating Systems
  • Mac OS X, Unix, Linux


Basic High School

Graduated with High Honors. Awarded Who's Who Among America's High School Students. Awarded Principal's Award for creation of first school website. Member of National Honor Society.

References and code samples available upon request.

Download résumé: PDF Word


Screenshot of
Desert Dash

Corporate website for Desert Dash with dynamic content and administrative control panel.

  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery including custom components, Bootstrap, TypeKit, Google Maps Javascript API v3, MailChimp integration
  • Race schedule, race results, photo gallery, FAQs, and blog are all custom-built and database-driven
  • Fully responsive on mobile and all graphics in SVG for high-resolution screens
  • Solely responsible for all design and development
Screenshot of

Marketing website for RunSTRONG, a training program driven by Desert Dash.

  • Technologies: PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, TypeKit, MailChimp integration
  • All graphics in fully scalable SVG format for retina-friendly design
  • Fully responsive on mobile and all graphics in SVG for high-resolution screens
  • Solely responsible for all design
Screenshot of
Crazier Than Thou

Race report and product review blog for Crazier Than Thou, my obstacle course racing team.

  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Wordpress
  • Using Canvas theme by WooThemes
  • Responsible for Wordpress administration and theme customization
Screenshot of
Ewing Bros.

Corporate website for Ewing Bros., a towing company based in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Technologies: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Bootstrap
  • Database-driven auction listing service with streamlined print-specific styles
  • Responsible for design and development with direction given by client